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Head First - Book by Tony Buzan

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Head First - Book by Tony Buzan
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Buzan's book Head First is dedicated to helping you prove you are smarter than you think. The main message is that every one of us possesses multiple natural intelligences. As Buzan explains, "We don't just possess the one standard intelligence quota or 'IQ' that we've all heard of, we each have an amazing ten different intelligences. These intelligences include creative, social, physical, sexual and spiritual skills". Buzan argues that a truly intelligent person is not one who can simply spout words or numbers but one who can react "intelligently" to all situations. Head First shows us how to do this. The book is divided into 10 chapters, each one devoted to a different intelligence.

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Thanks Chance. I have many more.
Great mindmap! Wonderful information. Thanks for creating this mindmap! ---Chance (cbrown)

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