Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan after 9/11

Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan after 9/11

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Rebuilding Downtown Manhattan after 9/11

After the 9/11 destruction of the New York City World Trade Center, Lisa Frigand a project specialist in economic development for the city’s utility company Con Edison, was closely involved with the rebuilding of downtown Manhattan. Her efforts were often stymied by the web of individuals, groups and organizations involved. This could have been overwhelming, but fortunately she knew Mind Mapping specialist, David Hill, also of Con Edison. He had already introduced her to Mind Mapping. Ms. Frigand and Mr. Hill worked together gathering information from hundreds of sources including reports, brochures, magazines and the Internet, to create a poster-sized Mind Map of all the parties involved in the restoration of lower Manhattan. The main branches they created were government, civic, infrastructure, properties, victims and memorials. They also identified what was created after 9/11. When the map was completed, it showed everyone involved and their connections in a brain-friendly manner. People involved with the rebuilding effort were able to see, not only the big picture, but also the detail of this enormous effort.
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One of the most interesting and engaging maps we've seen on Biggerplate! Thank you so much for sharing - if you have any other maps we'd love to see them!

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