Morphic Fields 2

Morphic Fields 2

Morphic Fields 2

Fields that define form. What determines the form on an object (morphology) and how does that form change and evolve (morphogenesis)?

Current belief is that form is a natural consequence of a field (or collection of fields). The structure of an atom is the consequence of the strong force that tightly holds the quarks tightly within the nucleus with electrons held more loosely by the resulting electromagnetic field. At this level, form cannot be anything else but what it is. However as complexity increases and competing processes “negotiate” for existence, can multiple forms emerge under different external conditions and how would these form perpetuate themselves over time or remember the successful negotiations that brought them into existence. This attempts to provide a explicit model that is currently implicit in evolutionary theories - successful forms are negotiated (discovered) and not declared (created).

So the current inquiry is: over the spectrum of complexity, when does this concept of form (morphic fields) become imperative and can be applied to simpler forms such as the beginning of the universe. Also what is the possible mathematical framework for modeling such fields?


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This is mostly the same as the previous upload, Morphic Fields, except I have simplified the presentation and edited the notes on many nodes to better support it educational purpose. Hopefully this provides a better overview of what is being discussed. Comments and questions are welcomed. Thanks

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