Tap Forms Database Application for iPad

Tap Forms Database Application for iPad
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Tap Forms Database Application for iPad

A mind map with a full feature description of the database application Tap Forms HD for iPad by Tap Zapp Software Inc., Canada. The app is available for iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Tap Forms is a relational database system based on SQLite with a plain UI following Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines. It's easy to use and supports Dropbox, iCloud syncing, and versioned backups as ZIP files. The mind map includes a subbranch with descriptions of all supported field types like Text, Number, File Attachment, Calculated Field, Contact, Location, Web Site, etc. completed with relevant notes as well as a help branch where used colors and icons are explained.

Mind Map created by THOMAS UNTERSTENHOEFER, GER with iThoughts for iPad by Craig Scott, UK.

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