Daniel J. LevitinSuccessful Aging

Daniel J. LevitinSuccessful Aging

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Daniel J. LevitinSuccessful Aging

Daniel Levitin's Successful Aging is one of the most important books to appear this year. Subtitled "A Neuroscient Explores the Power and Potential of our Lives. Successful Aging is Daniel Levitin's third book. I can highly-recommend his earlier "This Is Your Brain on Music." "Successful Aging" is presented in three major parts. PART ONE is The Continually Developing Brain." Its 7 chapters develop the premise that brains are static. Instead, Levin explains that the human brain is charactized by the term "plastiucity." It is capable of changing to reflect new circumstances. PART TWO, "The Choices We Make" describes the 4 ways you can influence the brain's changes. These include The Internal Clock, Diet, Exercise, and Sleep. You have more options than you originally might have thought you had. PART THREE is devoted to The New Longevity. Chapters describe Living Longer, Living Smarter, and Living Better. The final section, grouped in the End Matter at the end of Successful Aging, includes an Appendage, Rejuevenating Your Brain, plus additional Notes. Daniel Levitin writes with empathy, admiral restraint, and clarity. He is able to communicate with readers who may know little about how the brain operates. He is optimistic, but definitely doesn't overpromise.
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