Become a Content Marketing Supercommunicator, Able to Explain the Complicated so…

Become a Content Marketing Supercommunicator, Able to Explain the Complicated so…

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Become a Content Marketing Supercommunicator, Able to Explain the Complicated so…

Frank J. Pietrucha's SuperCommunicator, Explaining the Complicated so Anyone Can Understand, is one of the best time writing and marketing books to appear.

Digital communications have transformed the way we communicate, and advanced technology is showing up in more and more places at home, in business, and in government.

As a result, communicating technical content to nontechnical listeners has fast become a critical 21st-century skill.

SuperCommunicator offers an informed perspective on translating technology into everyday language, presented in a 31 chapters organized into 9 sections.

SuperCommunicator reflects Frank J. Pietrucha's 25 years of experience helping startups, technology leaders, and government agencies explain themselves and their products to nontechnical audiences.

Frank Pietrucha not only teaches a way to approach technology-heavy projects, but shares the tools and strategies to help you communicate with text and graphics in various content marketing and social media channels.

SuperCommunicator is an ideal book for authors, content marketers, freelance writers, technical writers, and media commentators who want to ensure the relevance of their words in today's rapidly-changing technical world.


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