Biggerplate Unplugged: The Mind Map User Conference

Biggerplate Unplugged: The Mind Mapping Conference

    Join the only annual conference in the world dedicated to mind mapping! Learn what’s new, and what’s coming in the world of mind mapping, and share your views and experience with an audience of like-minded, but highly diverse mind map users from business, education, and government!

    News of the next Biggerplate Unplugged conference will be added to this page soon, but in the meantime, why not take a look at some of the photos and videos from previous conferences!

    Previous Biggerplate Unplugged Conferences

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    4 reasons to attend Biggerplate Unplugged

    Biggerplate Unplugged

    Unrivalled insights and expertise

    We bring together the leading experts and influencers in the mind mapping community, providing an unrivalled look at what's new, and what's coming in the mind mapping world.

    Biggerplate Unplugged

    Collaborate and Innovate

    Our events are catalysts for new collaborations and partnerships between mind mappers, based on lively interactive sessions where delegates can share and discuss their views experiences!

    Biggerplate Unplugged

    The only conference for mind map users

    Biggerplate Unplugged is the only annual conference dedicated to the world of mind mapping. A great chance to turn online connections into real world collaborations!

    Biggerplate Unplugged

    Only one stop per year!

    Don't miss your chance to catch the annual gathering when we visit your part of the world!

    Who should attend this mind map conference?

    • Mind map users from business, education, or government
    • Mind map training providers and mind map consultants
    • Those who host mind map events, or mind mapping seminars
    • Bloggers, and people who provide online mind map resources

    Interested in speaking at the next Biggerplate Unplugged?

    We only accept speaking proposals from individuals who are going to be attending the conference. Feel free to send us your speaking proposal to moc.etalpreggib@stneve

    Please note: All speakers at our conference are kindly providing their expertise and insights on a voluntary basis, and no payments or expenses are paid to any speakers. These are not profit-making events.

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