Bento Database for iPad

Bento Database for iPad
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Bento Database for iPad

The hardware of the iPad (>3 rd generation) is basically suitable to handle larger amount of data stored in databases.

FileMaker Inc, USA, offers the app Bento for iPad at Apple's App Store.
There is one more reliable company which is a strong competitor of FileMaker's Bento. It's Tap Forms HD by Tap Zapp Software Inc, Canada.

Here is a full feature description of the app Bento with detailed informations about all supported field types.

Latest news: FileMaker discontinues Bento 4 after September 30, 2013.

This map was created by THOMAS UNTERSTENHOEFER blogging on (about the usage of Apple's iOS devices) with the app iThoughts HD for the iPad (by Craig Scott, UK).

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