Administrative divisions of Moscow

Administrative divisions of Moscow

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Administrative divisions of Moscow

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Tags: World Russia Rosja Moskwa Moscow about this map introduction 1. Central Administrative Okrug (Центральный административный округ Tsentralny administrativny okrug) 2. Northern Administrative Okrug (Северный административный округ Severny administrativny okrug) 3. North-Eastern Administrative Okrug (Северо-Восточный административный округ Severo-Vostochny administrativny okrug) 4. Eastern Administrative Okrug (Восточный административный округ Vostochny administrativny okrug) 5. South-Eastern Administrative Okrug (Юго-Восточный административный округ Yugo-Vostochny administrativny okrug) 6. Southern Administrative Okrug (Южный административный округ Yuzhny administrativny okrug) 7. South-Western Administrative Okrug (Юго-Западный административный округ Yugo-Zapadny administrativny okrug) 8. Western Administrative Okrug (Западный административный округ Zapadny administrativny okrug) 9. North-Western Administrative Okrug (Северо-Западный административный округ Severo-Zapadny administrativny okrug) 10. City of Zelenograd (город Зеленоград Gorod Zelenograd) 11. Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug (Новомосковский административный округ Novomoskovsky administrativny okrug) 12. Troitsky Administrative Okrug (Троицкий административный округ Troitsky administrativny okrug) Vladimir Putin Dmitry Medvedev Valentina Matviyenko Vyacheslav Volodin Sergey Sobyanin Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug Soviet Union Yury Luzhkov Vladimir Resin Communist Party of the Soviet Union United Russia mindmapping mindmap mindmaps Mindjet MindManager Wojciech Korsak geography presentation diagram semantic tree knowledge knowledge is power software IT plan planning business politics


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