The Siri Mindmap: Helping You Maximize iPhone's Siri

The Siri Mindmap: Helping You Maximize iPhone's Siri

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The Siri Mindmap: Helping You Maximize iPhone's Siri

You have probably seen the TV commercials with different actors asking Siri, iPhone's voice-activated phone assistant, almost anything and hearing Siri perform the task effortlessly.

But if you've used Siri on the iPhone, you've probably experienced those times when you didn't get exactly what you were asking for.

A lot of the problem is in HOW you're phrasing your request. Though Apple engineers did a fantastic job in making Siri "conversation-friendly", it is important to understand that Siri responds best to certain key words when making a request.

It listens for key words like "Call", "Show", "Search", "Remind", "Set up" or "Send" when processing a request.

To help you get the most out of Siri, I've created a mindmap highlighting specific phrases to use with iPhone's core apps.

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Nice list. Now imagine if this map could be updated by other users and expand on this list using the collective collaborative process! This is the single biggest setback of BP thus far is that as soon as a map hits the list it is dead meaning no updates to it is possible.

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