Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix as a Mindmap mind map

Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix as a Mindmap

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Stephen Covey's Time Management Matrix as a Mindmap
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Stephen Covey, in his book "First Things First", notes that those who accomplish very little are probably spending a large amount of their 16 hours (assume we sleep 8 hours) in the Quadrant of Deception and the Quadrant of Waste. In his book he highlights four quadrants where one can spend their time: 1) Quadrant of Necessity, 2) Quadrant of Quality & Personal Leadership, 3) Quadrant of Deception, and 4) Quadrant of Waste.

This mindmap details how you should allocate your time if you want to achieve your goals.

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Chance, this map remains resolutely in the number 2 position in the all-time rankings! I wonder if it will ever catch up with the number one map!!! Hope you enjoy the new site!

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