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This map can be used to help illustrate and explain the terms and concepts related to social computing in SharePoint Server 2013.
enigmaticit 27 November 2012
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MindManager Map
Dutch mindmap version 2 about gender and sexe. A mind map to explain difference between to concepts
peterter 20 November 2018
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iMindMap Map
Etica aziendale mind map released in Italian. Key concepts for effective study #Scienze della Comunicazione #Unige
lilianavezzolla 02 February 2014
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iMindMap Map
This map shows the participants (countries) @ Expò 2015, their themes (Tag) and their concepts about the pavilions.
stefanomarini1982 25 May 2015
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MindManager Map
this map is based on ISAs (International standards on Auditing). This map explains the concept of audit plan under ISAs. This map explains concept of …
faisal_chaudhary 08 October 2018
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iMindMap Map
An overview of social entrepreneurship with links to web resources.
upandacross 15 November 2012
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XMind Map
The map was created to capture product knowledge information and to enable presentations
cfsolomon 14 July 2011
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MindManager Map
An interesting mind maps conceived during discussions with systems engineering students.
graham0921 06 December 2020
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iThoughts Map
Use this template to characterise similarities and differences between two concepts or topics.
inspirationsoftware 18 December 2020
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Inspiration Map
Brief overview of Mobile Marketing concepts
neodacc 04 February 2012
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XMind Map
this mindmap relates to how an auditor gathers audit evidence. What is its concept?. How this is gathered?
faisal_chaudhary 21 July 2018
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iMindMap Map
This Mind Map helps you flesh out and write Screenplays, Novels, Short Stories, Webisodes, and any other type of Structured Story.
miquiel 31 August 2011
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MindManager Map


Ce webinaire propose d'apporter un retour d'expérience pragmatique de l'usage du mind mapping avec le 'top management'.
Anthony Wimmer 10 April 2017
In this webinar, consultant Mark Pohlmann (YellowOrange IT) will discuss how mind maps can be used to report progress to project stakeholders.
Mark Pohlman 17 April 2017
In this webinar, Pete Moore from (Look At Your Data) will show his insights into the use of mind mapping for Data Visualisation.
Pete Moore 23 May 2017
In this webinar Hans Terhurne, Facilitator of Visual Thinking in the Netherlands, will tell and show us how he is using mind mapping in his daily wor…
Hans Terhurne 10 May 2017
Grâce à Franco Masucci ( entrez dans le monde de la Facilitation Visuelle pour sortir de l'enfer des réunions prise de tête et non productiv…
Franco Masucci. 14 June 2017
Le mind-mapping peut devenir un outil formidable, un véritable levier à la création face à des situations nouvelles ou de "crise". Dans ce webinar, Fr…
Franck Maintenay 16 May 2017
In this webinar, Jeffrey Ritter will show how professional learning can be improved using instructional design and mind mapping approaches.
Jeffrey Ritter 30 May 2017
Le Mind Mapping vous aide à clarifier votre projet car c'est un outil puissant pour déterminer vos objectifs, établir votre stratégie et communiquer …
Cindy Theys 17 July 2017
Join Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes as he explores the ways in which mind maps can help businesses to better consider (and cater for) their different…
Liam Hughes 07 June 2017
In this Biggerplate PRO webinar, Surbhi Mahnot will show you how to get started with user cases, user stories and UML diagrams with mind mapped requir…
Surbhi Mahnot 05 July 2017
Martijn Lofvers will talk us through strategy mind mapping used in Supply Chain Management and how this network can make use of best practices – such …
Martijn Lofvers 10 July 2017
Hélène Beslard will show you how mind mapping can help you to integrate your long term objectives into your daily life, identify priorities, and manag…
Hélène Beslard 26 July 2017
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